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Garod Model 6AU1 Catalin/Bakelite Radio : Red on yellow

  • Garod Model 6AU1 Catalin Radio

    Streamlined, beautiful and in excellent original condition.

    This radio has been in a private collection for 25 years.

    It has no cracks, breaks or other condition issues.

    One of the most collectible and desirable catalin radios with about the best color combination possible. The color is a butterscotch yellow with bright tomato red (not oxblood red) trim.

    A stunning Art Deco streamlined wrap around grill model makes this one of the most difficult catalin radios to find especially in this condition.

    (See it's yellow on red mate in our collection, pictured here together)
    Measures 11.5" x 7" x 6
    Circa: 1940's

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