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Large Glass Negative Contact Print of a Cowboy from the 1880's

  • In 1989 John Eggen self published a small limited edition book of photographs printed from early glass negatives of the Old West entitled "The West That Was".


    When the book sold out, I helped John secure a publishing deal for his book with a large publishing company. As a favor, John agreed to make 10 large prints for me from the original 19th century glass negatives.


    These glass negatives were brought to him in 1965 by a woman in John's town who was cleaning out her attic. She knew John was a photographer, and thought John might like to have them.  To this day we do not know who the original photographer was or where the pictures were taken. 

    What we do know is that they are a true and authentic document of the Old West.


    I know of no other prints that were made for sale as John's intent was only to publish the book. 

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